Congella Coldstore

Congella Cold store opened its doors in November 2009. The cold store situated at 14-22 Watford Road, Congella and is 1.5km from the Durban harbour, an ideal position for importers and exporters.

The cold store boasts a state of the art mobile racking system, which is capable of holding just less than 4000 pallets at an average temperature of -25 degrees. This along with the accompanying ambient temperature facility allows for a spectrum of clients needs.

The cold store facility is registered with the PPECB and the Department of Agriculture. There are currently over 20 fully trained staff employed by the cold store to facilitate its day to day operations, as well as 4 forklifts providing 24/7 service if required.

The manager, Sunil Inarmal, has been in the industry for over 20 years and prides himself on the appearance of the cold store and providing a highly efficient service to all his customers.

Coldstore Coldstore